Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Don't Want to Talk About It

You know when you are awoken from a deep sleep? The moment that it seems is the worst in the world thanks to grown up responsibilities and an alarm clock? The instant when you give the world the look that says, "I don't want to talk about it". Welp, I've got a story for ya. . .

Memorial Day Monday was spent as many Americans spend theirs-relaxing poolside with a few drinks. Nothing out of the norm there. We headed home after a few hours in the sun and a few beers later than we intended, but still nothing really out of the norm. Went to bed like normal, though my dear husband decided it was too hot to sleep the typical way in bed and flipped himself all the way around for maximum space under the fan. Still, nothing really out of the norm.

Some time in the middle of the night David woke up to go to the bathroom and Daisy proceeded to jump on top of me in a rush to snag his spot. Not sure which event woke me up but I was none too pleased. I tossed and turned for a bit before finally taking a gander at my watch. 3:48am, oof. My alarm would go off in little over 30 minutes alerting me it was time to run. I tossed and turned some more before finally getting out of bed around 4:15am. 

I headed downstairs, ate my banana, set up Desperate Housewives (this is a no judgement zone) on the iPad, and started running. A quarter of a mile in I realized it just wasn't happening, so I attempted walking for a bout a mile. Even the woes and plights of the Wisteria Lane ladies couldn't distract me from my overwhelming exhaustion, so I ended up cutting it off and heading inside to start breakfast.

It was around this time I realized the iPad clock read 2:48am. Say what?? Oof, David would not be happy to see the iPad messing up. I continued into the kitchen where I checked my phone for any missed texts from the fam. It, too, read 2:48am. What? The microwave and oven clocks? All 2:48am. That's right, folks, I woke up around 1:30 that morning. 

Apparently in my tossing and turning I had messed up the time on my watch, so while it did read 3:48, it was for 3:48pm on December 15. And you know I couldn't fall back asleep thanks to all the adrenaline pumping through me from me workout. Needless to say it made for a very longgggg school day.


  1. Bless your heart!! Hope you have been able to make up some of the sleep!

  2. Oh wow that makes me cringe! If I wake up less than 45 min. before my alarm is supposed to go off I can never go back to sleep and I get so mad, haha. That would make me wanna throw something! (Or maybe actually throw something.)

  3. I'm back to blogging!!
    I know you may have forgotten about me since it's been so long but I wanted to stop by and say hi!
    I'm blogging again and would love it if you checked out my site :)

    Lots of love


  4. yikes.. how did you make it a full day with the kiddos after that??