Thursday, May 2, 2013

Support System

I have an incredible support system. I mean, really, they rock. 

my school family
It continues to amaze me how much like family these people have become. Everyone from my team to my department to the people I randomly see in the hallways or at staff meetings.  I am so thankful for the laughter they provide in the stressful moments.

our church family
We were so fortunate to find a church in which we can be ourselves and know no one will judge us for that. We have found a church full of selfless people interested in doing all they can to help us grow and learn. That's a good feeling.

our neighbors
Well, at least some of them;-) You know our feelings on the Californian crazies next door BUT the rest of our neighbors are the They offer us support and love in a laid-back, humorous way. 

our friends
Our friends are much like our neighbors, just a bit more spread out. These are the people we can totally be ourselves with and know we will not be judged.

our families
These are the people who have seen us at our absolute worst, but still stick around. Both sides of our families are full of incredible people who continue to love us in the best way they know how.

I told you they rocked.


  1. Nothing like having a great support system!! Makes situations easier!

  2. You always know that people love you, but when something really rocks your world, you really see that love expressed. For me, it was almost overwhelming. I've never felt so loved in my entire life!

  3. So happy that you have such a wonderful support system surrounding you!