Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Letters [10.11]

Happy Friday, folks!


Dear Lord, Thank you for grace and new mercies each day.

Dear tastebuds, I see a new trend and I like it.

Dear Trail Run, You scare me. I've never run on a trail so why I signed up to so an entire 5K race is beyond me. Please be gentle. My foot and knee are reminding me this week how I'm not getting any younger. . .

Dear new running shoes, You cost a pretty penny, but you sure are pretty.

Dear David, I just love you to pieces and can't wait for all our adventures in the coming weeks!

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  1. Hi, Lauren! I am a fellow NC blogger from Charlotte now although I have lived all over. I am so glad I could find your blog because I am always on the lookout for other NC bloggers. I found you on the Owl's Den NC Bloggers list. I have been perusing your blog reading your about me and other posts and discovered the loss of your baby girl earlier this year. I don't want to bring up any sadness for you, but I just wanted to say how sorry I am but how inspiring your faith is. We actually just lost our full term baby girl in June so I know the heartache you are feeling. If you didn't know, tomorrow is a special day for us as pregnancy and infant loss awareness day. I hope you will light a candle as I will to remember our little ones we lost too soon. Also, I am attempting to find a way that more of us can connect and share our stories about our great state, and I put together this blog for us to use to link up our posts each month to share happenings in our state. I would love it if you and any of your NC blog friends would join in. Thanks for sharing, NC friend!