Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I pray every morning on my way to school. This is something I started my first year of teaching and have continued every year since. Some mornings are filled with prayers, while others are full of praise. Regardless of the meaning behind it, I know He is listening to me call out.

This morning as I finished and turned on K-LOVE (the local Christian music station) I heard these words:

Trust in the Lord, don’t give up hope

It was the perfect reminder. Some seasons of life are hard. Some seasons are ugly. Some seasons our prayers are pleas that seem to go unanswered. But the key word is seem. He is constantly working for His glory, not our own, and we must trust Him. Despite however hard it may be, we must trust that He is constantly working for our good, though we may never see how or why. We may never understand His ways, but we must recognize that He is working.

I am choosing to put my trust in Him. I am choosing not to give up hope in His purpose. I am choosing Him. It may not be easy, but the best things never are.


  1. It totally changes your outlook for the day when you pray in the morning. I love it!