Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Musical Memories

I love music. Everything about it is wonderful. Name a genre and it's probably represented somewhere on my iTunes. Some songs carry more meaning than others. There are some songs that I can hear and I'm automatically back in my childhood bedroom rocking out with my best friends. Other songs I hear and my insides melt as I remember the beginning of our relationship. Then there are those that I hear and I am reduced to tears. This morning I heard one of them.

Many songs on the local Christian station, KLOVE, have the power to bring me to tears, but this morning's culprit came to me from a local pop station. The song " Not with Haste" by Mumford & Sons. Not quite what you were expecting, huh?

I first started listening to Mumford last Fall. This was also the time we found out we were expecting Emerson. Every time I was in the car I would sing to her. I would talk to her with Mumford playing in the background. I pictured her in the backseat of the car a year from then listening along with me. 

God's plans were not mine.

Now when I hear Mumford my heart is different. Instead of singing and dreaming of a little babe, I sing and remember our little babe. There are days it pains my heart to sing along and there are other days that I sing with a full heart hopeful of what's come. 

The songs may change. 
My response to them may change. 
God's love and redemption never changes.

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