Monday, October 14, 2013

Racing and a Maze

This past weekend had me at another race, but this time around I tried a trail run. Having never done one before (not even to train) I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I ended up running the 5K in 29:23, which would have really bummed me out in a road race actually pleased me this time around. It was hard jumping over and around branches on a small path where there wasn't much room to pass! I also should have listened to Pamela and downloaded another running app because mine didn't work again! I am done with MapMyRun!

After the race we decided to redeem a LivingSocial for a "local" corn maze. FORTY FIVE MINUTES LATER we arrived at Muddy Boots Farm excited for the challenge. Unfortunately it wasn't much of a challenge. Though it had an acre more than the last corn maze we did, it didn't seem like much of a challenge. Instead of a map with pieces to fill in there were random questions throughout that guided you left or right. Even if you didn't know the answer to the question you knew exactly where to go because of the ground. There was nicely growing grass in the dead ends and dirt where we should walk. It was a great place to bring kids, but for two competitive adults it wasn't much.They did have a neat baseball thing that David enjoyed doing afterwards.


The race had been to benefit dog rescue/adoption organizations and one of the sponsors was a local dog bar. We headed there that afternoon to see what it was about. Daisy has become a HUGE wuss since being attacked by the fluffy terrorist from next door, so I was little nervous how she would do around a bunch of dogs. It went surprisingly well! She was a bit of a loner and spent more time visiting the humans than dogs, but she didn't cower in a corner the whole time! I think we're going to try and take her again soon.

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  1. My Nike+ app quit working, too... I ran more than a mile and it said I only went .05. Uh nope. Go to your settings - general - background app refresh and see if your app is turned off. I think that is what happened to mine!