Sunday, November 4, 2012

Renaissance Festival 2012

I spend the first nine months of the year waiting for the last three. So many stellar things occur in these few months that it's hard to cram it all in there. One of my favorite activities is the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

We've been every year since we got married, and I went almost every year before that when I was growing up. Every year is better than the last. There are always new foods, drinks, shows, and acts that make it even more exciting. This year will definitely be remembered, though, because for the first time in all these years we were called on from the audience to participate in a show!

We decided to stop by Don Juan and Miguel's show when we got there because it was just getting started. We'd never seen it before and it looked interesting. They started with some silly jokes and did a few cool tricks with whips and swords that were very impressive. Then, they started in with the audience participation. As soon as Miguel started walking down the aisle I knew we were in trouble. I stupidly sat on the edge of the aisle and wore a bright pink fleece. It's like I was begging to be called upon to be embarrassed. He asked me a few questions and made jokes about defending my honor. It was actually a lot more fun, and a lot less mortifying, than I thought it would be!

We then wandered around the festival and took in a few more shows before devouring a turkey leg and spinach artichoke bread bowl. David also insisted we stop at every single sword/axe booth to admire their wares. My sweet husband does this every year, but has yet to buy one. I've contemplated surprising him with one for Christmas, but that means he would insist on displaying it somewhere in our home and I'm not quite sure I'm ready for that step! A few pictures from our day. . .

Medieval Neo
The jacket and hat alone would set you back over $1000!

Don Juan and Miguel!
 Bagpipes show


  1. I love the renissance fair. Cant wait for it to come to raleigh!

  2. I have never been before, but I WANT to go! :)

  3. Aw fun! I went for the first time last year and loved it... the food is amazing!!