Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Repeating Question

To cut or not to cut, that is the question.

Cut what? My hair. I may have lost some of you with that right there, but I'm sure others of you are nodding right along with me. It seems that every time I cut my hair short, I love it for a few weeks. Then, I get impatient with it and began to wish it longer again. So, I start the dreaded process of growing it out and getting past that "awkward" stage. You know the one in which your hair does nothing that you want it to do and everything you don't want it to do. I finally get it to a long length that I like, then I decide it looks flat and dull and cut it. The exhausting cycle starts over.

My hairdresser likes my hair short. She's right, it does look more polished that way, but there is just something about having long hair and being able to do more with it. It's easier to throw up into a pony or whip into a braid. You can do all sorts of fun things with short hair, but it's just different things.  

Here are examples of my hair at each length:



What are y'alls thoughts?? Two separate Christmases, two separate styles/lengths. I have an appointment scheduled for Saturday and I'd love some input before I head in there!


  1. You can easily pull off both, but I think the short hair does suit you! My hair is in the awkward in-between stage right now, and I'm ready to have it long again for awhile!

  2. They both look great, but I think I like the shorter more :)