Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Letters [12.14]

Happy Friday one and all!


Dear Mother Nature, Way to throw us all for a loop! 70 last week and 27 this morning? Wowzers! At least it's beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas:-)

Dear students, I know we are a mere four days away from break, but I'm gonna need y'all to chillax. Yes, we still have to do work. No, we can't just sit there and play games. Together we can survive to next week!

Dear Starbucks, How is it possible that your one little drink can bring so much happiness? Thank you for creating the deliciousness that is a peppermint mocha. Now, how about y'all drop the price a smidge so I don't feel so guilty every time I partake? Thanks!

Dear Emerson, So it just really hit me that we're over halfway to meeting you-holy smokes! Keep doing your thang and baking away because we are nowhere near ready!

Dear Davido, I hope you have the very best time next week as you kick start your Christmas vacation early. Enjoy every minute of it because come next year it may not be so easy to sneak away;-)

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