Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Operation Nursery

From the moment we found out we were expecting, I have wanted to work on the Nursery. My lives-in-the-real-world husband was good about reminding me we should probably wait a bit before until we decorate because I'm likely to change my mind 15 times. He's so wise, that one. We knew the room that we would use as the Nursery namely because it was the only room in the house without furniture in it. We go for simplicity around here, folks.

So, when I was about three and a half months pregnant we went ahead with the first step of painting. Choosing a color wasn't difficult because we knew we wanted this to be the Nursery for any future children we had-boys or girls. We went with a neutral color referred to by Lowe's as "tranquility". Honestly, it's a lovely sea foam green color. Something that would look good with blue accents for a boy and pink accents for a girl. We dove right into it on a Friday evening and finished in just a few hours. Minor touch-ups were completed the next day but overall it turned out pretty well!

We decided not to purchase any furniture because my super sweet and generous aunt had furniture from my cousins she was more than willing to pass along to us! And before any one freaks out my last cousin isn't even in kindergarten yet so things still meet code:-) We saw it for the first time at Thanksgiving, and I couldn't wait to get it home and set up. It sat in my parents' garage for a few weeks before they kindly brought it down to us. We made plans to put it together this past weekend, so imagine my surprise when I come home Friday afternoon from a long week at work to see this. . .

My sweet husband had put it all together to surprise me! I sure got a good one:-) 

The next step? Wall hangings. We picked up some things when we were in Boone a few months ago that I can't wait to put up. After that we'll get a dresser of some sort and bedding then we should be all set for her! It's making it all so much more real!


  1. It's already looking so cute-- eeeee!!!! :) I love the color you chose, I'm all about going gender neutral too! Can't wait to see the bedding you'll pick out :)

  2. I love that you went gender neutral! Pink or blue can be an overload sometimes!

  3. That's so great that your aunt passed along furniture to you! It looks like its in great condition! Love the wall color too. I'm so ready to start decorating our nursery, I'm just having the worst time making decisions haha.

  4. Looking so pretty & calming!

  5. The color is calming. I love how it is turning out so far! I know it must make it that much more "real" and exciting!!