Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's in a Name?

Emerson MacAlpine Mobley

We picked this name out for a girl even before we were engaged. I was volunteering in the Nursery at our old church in Raleigh and a little girl names Emerson came in with her parents. I had never heard the name before but I thought it was beautifully unique. I mentioned it to David and he said he liked it too. This surprised me because he usually goes down the more traditional route. Fast forward four years and we find our we are pregnant. We immediately decided if we were to be blessed with a little girl, then Emerson would be her first name. We've already shortened it and have started referring to her as Emmy too!

No, I didn't sneeze. That's going to be her middle name. All the first-born girls on my mom's side of the family received this as their middle name (me included). When I was super young I didn't understand the importance of it, but now that I am older I appreciate the story behind it. The name was originally our Scottish ancestors' surname and has been carried on in our middle names since then.

This one is kind of a given;-)

We can't wait to officially meet her!


  1. Love your name but I especially love your middle name! Our baby girl is going to be Annalise Sandlin because every first born girl on my mom's side is a Sandlin as a middle name. It's such a great tradition!

  2. Love your name choice Lauren! What a cute southern sounding nick name as well :)

  3. Absolutely love it! If we're having a girl she's going to have mine and my mothers middle name as well.

  4. Aww I love Emerson! And what a cute nickname!!

  5. Love the name Emerson! :) So pretty & feminine!