Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Letters [12.21]

Happy Friday, folks!


Dear Mayans, What's up with all this crazy talk? If I had to hear one more student mention the world ending this past week, I probably would have lost my mind. You couldn't have kept it going for another few hundred years or so? I mean, how hard can it really be. . .

Dear students, We made it! I hope y'all are enjoying every minute of your first day of break. Be sure to thank your parents for all that you do for you on a regular basis, but especially this time of year!

Dear Davido, You'd think that after you do the Alabama thing for 6 months I'd be used to you leaving. Not so much. Your girls are very happy to have you home. I hope you don't have another trip planned for any time soon because we're not letting go;-)

Dear Pinterest, Thank you for all the FABULOUS ideas of things to make for Emerson and to do with her once she arrives. I'm not sure my hubby appreciates all the extras projects or tutus on my wishlist, but I'm excited:-)

Dear Apple, I am super impressed with your stellar customer service. From the moment I walked into the store I felt like royalty. You were able to fix my problem in a timely manner and not even charge me for it. Now, that is awesome. Want to pass on some of that knowledge to other stores (*cough*Pandora*cough*). 

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