Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tiny Tag

The loss of a baby is difficult at any stage. The farther you are into a pregnancy the closer the attachment you have made with this blessing, thus making the loss that more traumatizing. One of my biggest fears through all of this is that she would be forgotten. It would be easy for that to happen without the constant reminder of her through her presence. In my heart I know this is a silly little fear, but it still nags at me. I've struggled with a way to keep her with me, so imagine how overjoyed I was to receive this perfect gift from some of my work family.

It's called a "tiny tag" and it's perfect.

There are two tags on the necklace; one is the letter "E" and the other is a small heart. As soon as I saw it I knew it was exactly what I was searching for. Isn't it wonderful when people know just what you need before you do?

Needless to say I put it on the day they gave it to me and it hasn't come off since. It may seem silly but it is a comfort to me to be able to reach up and finger the tags as a reminder. She will also be in my heart, but now she is close to me as well.