Monday, July 22, 2013

Adventures Out West-Day 1

I must have spoken too soon after our trip to Florida because no sooner had we unpacked than we were packing again and off to Colorado! David had an opportunity to head out there for work and this being my own and only chance to accompany him (hooray for summers off!) I jumped at the chance. Neither of us had ever been, but I can assure you this won't be our last trip. We had an incredible time and I almost didn't want to come back. 

The trip started out with a reluctant princess

 Can you tell she was totally not okay with our departure?

and a pretty nifty vending machine!

This thing had ipads in it!

When we arrived we headed downtown to see some of the awesome everyone talks about. We hit up Wynkoop Brewery for a few beers and some stellar food. Did you know Colorado is ranked third in the US for number of craft breweries and brewpubs?? We soon discovered why!

My handsome hubby

The insane beer menu at Wynkoop

David had to work the entire first day, so I went out exploring on my own. Helloooooo, beautiful mountains! I took the Cog Railway to the top of Pike's Peak (14,110 feet up!) and took in some beautiful views. I also learned all sorts of interesting things thanks to my new friends, a retired couple from Boston. They're spending the summer traveling around the West in their RV-so cool! Also many thanks to them for letting me borrow a sweatshirt for the top. Whodda thunk it would be 40 degrees at the top of the stinkin' mountain?? Not this girl!

View from the top.

Rockin my awesome borrowed sweatshirt.

After Pike's Peak I meandered around Manitou Springs popping in and out of the cutesy little shops. The time change had me all out of whack but I finally found a place called The Spice Shop that served a fantastic salad.

Nifty 3D map made of clay.

Fantastic salad. Perhaps it was the fact that my stomach was eating my insides.

I then ventured over to Garden of the Gods to take in more gorgeous views. People weren't kidding when they told us all Colorado had to offer! 

Hey there random stranger, want to take my picture?

A little while later (after an unfortunate incident of rushing back to the hotel to charge my phone from 1%) I met up with David and some of his coworkers for drinks. Everyone we met was awesome and really made us feel at home in a foreign place! Following drinks we hit up a local brewpup, Phantom Canyon, for supper. Despite not being a southern place, they knew how to make a mean dish of chicken and waffles.

Delicious supper coupled with more awesome beer.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more details!


  1. Oh man, that salad looks SO GOOD! One of my best friends used to live in CO, & she loved it!

  2. So glad you got to go to Pike's Peak and Garden of the Gods too!! And Wynkoop! Such awesome places!!!