Monday, July 29, 2013


Last May we were fortunate enough to watch my younger brother, TJ, commission as an officer in the United States Marine Corp. He then spent a few months as a civilian waiting for his orders. In January he headed to Quantico, VA for The Basic School (TBS). This past week we witnessed his graduation from TBS! And this kid didn't just graduate, he graduated number 4 out of 273 marines! We were so incredibly excited to be able to witness this accomplishment. A few pictures from the big day. . . 

The parentals at the USMC Museum. 

Before heading into the ceremony, please take note of how thrilled TJ is to be with his family ;)

So excited we got to be there!

My adorable husband watching the CrossFit Games on his "grown up Gameboy"

 Number 4 with some of his fellow "dean's list" buds
TJ and some of his frands.

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  1. Ahhh! SO thankful for your brother & all the other men/woman who serve our country!! Makes me teary eyed!