Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You're Gonna Fly With Me

Last week was a bit hectic with returning from Colorado and turning around to go to Virginia, we really weren't sure if we were going to go to the next concert on the Country Megaticket. We both really like Keith Urban, but were pretty tired. Plus, David had to work early the next morning. In the end we decided not to be eighty year olds and headed to the show in time to see the tailend of Dustin Lynch and all of Little Big Town. We then enjoyed some glorious people-watching for a bit before Keith Urban took the stage. And when I say "glorious", I mean hard-core, extreme, drunk stumbling and sliding rednecks. Some things can't be erased. Shudder.

The sun finally set and Keith took the stage. There we were boppin along when we saw a guy walk up to the group behind us and give them something. We curiously watched him walk away before he caught our eye and came up to us. Here goes the conversation:

Guy: "You wanna go in The Pit?"
Us (not nothing if "The Pit" is a cool place to be or a lion's den): "Sure"
Guy: "Merry Christmas"
 Us: "Thanks?"

Uh, okay. Come to find out "The Pit" is the area surrounding the stage below. SAY WHAT?!? Did we just hit the jackpot? Yep! We scurried down there and rocked out for the next two hours to one of the greatest shows I have ever seen (and that means a lot since this former teeny-bopper saw BSB, N'SYNC, and Brittney back in the day). It was amazing being that close and witnessing an amazing performer. Take a look at some of the evidence:

Well, hello there sir.

Come on out, Little Big Town

Dustin Lynch joining Keith on stage.

 Evidence we were actually there.

Nothing like a Cookout tray at midnight. Totally regretted that life choice the next morning.


  1. How awesome was that!? Glad you went then ;)

  2. So awesome! And Cookout is always a good choice, ha!

  3. That is so awesome that you got to be that close and for free! Keith put on such a good show! Can't wait for the next one!