Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crash My Party

Last summer we debated back and forth, back and forth, back and forth about whether or not we should get the Country Megaticket. In the end we regretted not getting it, so when it came time to purchase them this summer we were all over it like white on rice. We missed the Tim McGraw concert and Mother Nature had other plans for the Brad Paisley concert, but there was no way we were letting anyone ruin this one for us! 

Florida Georgia Line welcomed us with a little "Shine On" and "Cruise" before Thompson Square took the stage with "If I Didn't Have You", but the real star was Luke Bryan. He put on an incredible show rockin' it out with some of his hits and a "Baby Got Back"/Maroon 5 medley. It was stinkin' awesome. Here is some of the proof. . .

For any of you contemplating this gem-DO IT! It is super yummy and I hope to stock up before it leaves us for the winter.

My hero! The hubby trying to get a rock out of my boot.

MUCH better weather than the last time we were there.

 Hooray for awesome neighbors!!

A few things we learned:
1-get there early, traffic is mean.
2-be prepared to cut off your arm to pay for chicken tenders and fries
3-country concerts are amazing for people watching

See ya in a few weeks, Keith Urban!


  1. Oh man my grandmother used to get the Megaticket - I LOVED IT! ha! If you ever need a couple to go with ya, heyyyy ;) hahah!

  2. I'm not really a country girl but I seriously LOVVVVEEE Tim McGraw! I would die to see him in concert! He's the best country singer to me.