Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adventures Out West-Day 3

Our final (tear) day in Colorado started at the best breakfast place either of us had ever enjoyed. And apparently the rest of Denver thought so too because we waiting 40 minutes for a table! It was more than worth it to enjoy our breakfast of omelets, hashbrowns, sweet potato pancakes, blueberry Danish pancakes, and pineapple upside down pancakes-all made with fresh, local ingredients! 

Best breakfast ever! You know a place is good when they can afford to be only open a few hours a day.

After our superb breakfast we rolled ourselves over to the Denver Zoo to check out the animals. We both love visiting the zoo, so we knew this "mile high" was a must-see. The theme of our visit there became, "look, there's Daisy!" toward almost every exhibit. Can ya tell we missed the princess??

Silly hippo daintily dipping into the water

The zoo had an amazing elephant exhibit!

After that we returned to the 16th Street Mall for more meandering and food. We hit up The Yardhouse for snacks and beers after we learned they had more beers on tap than anyplace in the world. I didn't count, but once I saw the beer menu I made the wise choice to believe them. 

My baby beer from The Yardhouse.

Just chillin' with an ox on the street, what about you?

More importantly while on 16th Street I found an awesome pair of cowgirl boots! If anyone remembers my post about the Luke Bryan concert, I got a rock stuck in my boot and the little bugger refuses to come out. So as an early birthday present David bought me a pair of Ariat boots! Happy Birthday to meeeeeee! Picture will come when they arrive in the mail!

After we wandered some more we decided to hit up the Gigi's storefront to pick up some cupcakes for dessert. After an excruciating decision we ended up with one Strawberry Shortcake (strawberry cupcake with strawberry buttercream frosting), one Kentucky Bourbon (chocolate pecan pie cupcake spiked with bourbon with a bourbon cream cheese frosting topped with chocolate chips, pecans, and caramel) and one Candy Bar Crunch (yellow cupcake with Butterfinger baked in and topped with Butterfinger frosting and little Butterfinger crumbles). To say they were divine would be an understatement. 

Ain't that the truth.

 Gone in the blink of an eye.

We then headed over to the Vine Street Pub for supper. This place was so uniquely awesome I wish I could pick it up and transplant it here. First off, all their food was fantastico and locally provided, second they only took cash or check, third their beer was top-notch, and fourth they had board games to play while you waited.

My adorable hubby.

We headed in for an early night considering we had a 6:30am flight the next morning. I wish our visit could have lasted longer, but since we didn't get to see and do everything, we now have an excuse to head back soon! 


  1. Love how there were board games to play while waiting!!

  2. I want to go back to Colorado!! I heard great things about Snooze and Yardhouse, but they didn't make it into our itinerary this time. That is why I have to go back. Glad you had a great trip too. Going back to catch up with your other posts from your trip!