Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adventures Out West-Day 2

David had another day of work on Friday, but that didn't stop me from having fun! One of the guys David was working with's wife gave me a call that morning and asked if I wanted company for exploring Denver. Considering my only Denver experience was supper the other night, I jumped at the chance. I picked Kaitlin up and we were off on an adventure. 

First we hit up 16th Street Mall since I had heard so much about it. For those of you unfamiliar with the area it is an outdoor mall filled with random street performers in the heart of downtown Denver. It was pretty neat wandering in and out of the doors and taking in some hardcore people-watching. 

16th Street Mall

After walking and wandering for a few hours we decided we needed some culture in our lives and hit up the Colorado History Museum. Kaitlin is also a teacher so this wasn't torturous for her as it would have been for my sweet hubby. The museum had an exhibit on the American soldier that would bring tears to any eyes.

Cultural corner of downtown Denver. Lots of museums here!

Around this time we headed back down 16th Street and enjoyed a late afternoon snack-Gigi's Cupcakes! We discovered Gigi's a few years ago when we visited their original shop in Nashville, TN. I love that they have expanded and are now in North Carolina too! When I say these are the best cupcakes you will ever have, I mean these are the best cupcakes you will ever have. I indulged in a Midnight Magic (chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting topped with chocolate chips) while Kaitlin enjoyed a Blueberry Lavender (just what it sounds like!). They were both out of this world and gone before we could get a picture!

A portable Gigi's!

Around then we headed down the way toward Coors Field for the baseball game where we were meeting our hubbys and a few other employees. Before we entered the game we dipped into Wynkoop to enjoy a few beers. It was around that time I decided vacation calories do not count. . .

Despite a loss to the Cubs the game was a lot of fun! David's coworkers were awesome to hang out with and I wish they weren't so far away! 

Awesome seats!

 He's such a cutie

Thanks iPhone 5 for the awesome panoramic shot.

Following the game a few of us headed to Larimer Square for another round of beers before packing it in for the night. If y'all know me and my sleep habits you know the fact that I was awake at midnight (2am East Coast time) and functioning is a true act of God!

Come back tomorrow for our final day's adventures!

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