Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homemade Chalkboard

We've been in our house a little over 6 months now and the blank walls are starting to get to me. We've hung up a few things, but there is still a lot of empty space. One space in particular was really getting to us-the kitchen wall. What to do? Tootle around Pinterest, of course! As soon as I saw it I knew it would be perfect for our space-a chalkboard! To make it even better, it was super easy and super cheap!

What you will need
Chalkboard paint

Remove glass from frame.
Make sure there is no debris on glass.
Paint 5-6 layers of chalkboard paint on frame.
*Very Important* Allow 4-5 days for the paint to dry. 
Return glass to frame
Use the long side of a piece of chalk to cover entire surface.
Use a wet sponge to clean it off.
Your chalkboard is now ready for your words of wisdom!

Frame of choice


Paint of choice

 After the first coating

Final product!
Don't worry, we aren't going to leave a white frame on a white wall. We just haven't decided on paint colors yet!

As you can see this project was super easy and super fun. The hardest part was waiting for the paint tor dry!


  1. So easy, I just might have to try this! It looks great!

  2. love this.. it would be great for meal planning!

  3. That is adorable!! You did such a great job!!

  4. Very cute! I love chalkboard decor but chalk makes my allergies goes nuts! Lol