Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rosette Wreath

A while back I fell in love with a precious wreath on Pinterest and I knew I had to recreate it for myself, but never got around to it. Fast forward a few months to Christmas break. We were randomly wandering around a Hobby Lobby in Florida and I was struck by the crafting bug. I picked up the supplies and got to work when we arrived home! At least I attempted to get to work. The rosettes on the wreath gave me a run for my money and after a few frustrating attempts I stepped away. I came back a week late and voila it all worked perfect! The lesson learned? A day away can do wonders for a project! Here are some pictures and a how-to:

Here's what you'll need:
Roughly 1-2 yards of canvas (the directions called for burlap, but Hobby Lobby was out) depending on how many rosettes you want. 
18in white foam wreath form
Glue Gun
Lot's of glue sticks


Foam wreath

Cut a portion of your fabric into long strips about 4 inches in width.
Grab your glue gun and attach one end of the strip to your wreath and then wrap it around tightly, gluing it down again at the end of the strip. 
Keep doing this, while overlapping the strips, until you cover the entire wreath.  

Now for the rosettes. . . Cut your fabric in 1.5 inch strips for smaller rosettes and up to 3 inches for larger rosettes. 

Fold your strips over and then iron it. This sort of seals it and makes it much easier to create your rosettes. It's very tedious, but makes a difference in how your rosette turns out.
Then fold one end down a couple times and twist it.
Place a dot of hot glue after every other turn or so. 
Keep doing this, rotating folds and turns until you reach the end, leaving a small "tail."
Place a ton of glue on the back and fold the tail to the back.

 Then it's as simple as placing them around your wreath by putting a bunch of glue on the bottom and pressing it down onto the wreath.

 Rosettes in waiting. . .

 Daisy decided she wanted to help too.

 You can place the rosettes around the entire wreath, or bunch them in one place.

The finished product!

To transition this through the seasons I plan on getting different fabrics and making seasonal rosettes to pin on it. This wreath is cute and multifunctional-yay!

Happy wreath making!


  1. TFS.... it is beautiful Lauren.

  2. this looks fantastic! Nice job with it.
    Ive been wanting to make a wreath for a while, I might have to try this one!

  3. I'm so impressed! I have so many DIY pinterest projects pinned but have yet to complete one! This is adorable! :)