Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Got Started Lovin' You

I'm thankful for the weekend
But two days in heaven just ain't gonna do
Those lyrics have never felt more true than today. I was blessed enough to have my wonderful hubby in town this weekend, and I had no interest in letting him return to Alabama! The outage is finally over, but he still has loose ends to tie up and work to do until the end of April. The scheduled return in Easter weekend, and we're praying it stays there! I have no idea how military wives do this on a regular basis, for even longer periods of time. After four weeks of no visits, you better believe we're going to do everything in power not to be separated again! 

Our weekend together was positively wonderful. With no serious plans, we made sure to enjoy every moment together that we could. Friday afternoon found us poking around Concord with the pup. A few pictures from our adventure.

 It's rough being the princess
 Both of them were pretty annoyed at the yappy dog!
How high can Daddy throw the monkey?!

Due to the exhausting nature of exploring, we felt it necessary to be bums the rest of the afternoon. Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute were out entertainment while we dozed.

That evening we rented "The Fighter" staring Markie Mark and Christian Bale. Two thumbs way up!! I highly suggest you put this on your Netflix queue or reserve it at Redbox. They did a phenomenal job portraying brothers in a fame driven family. (I'm still trying to figure out how I can claim them as family. How popular is the name Ward anyway?!)

Saturday morning found us going in separate directions. I headed to Winston to walk to Get Your Rear in Gear 5K with my mom in honor of my Grandad who died of colon cancer. David was able to help out at his brother, John's Eagle Scout project. We debated for a bit, but decided that Daisy would probably have more fun playing with her cousin, Hank, than she would walking with me. She didn't think so when she was out in a backyard "jail".
Look closely at her paws. They are filthy from her attempt at escaping.

Saturday afternoon included more napping (can you tell we were a little tired?!?) and bumming around the house. We decided that we should probably stop being 80 years old so we went out to a local place to watch the Florida game. Great food, great time with family and friends, not such a great game.
 So glad we got to visit with these two!
Trying to figure out the boxing game. Too many engineers in one place if you ask me!

We started Sunday by worshiping with our Hope Church Charlotte family before braving Super Double Coupon Week at the Harris Teeter. And I truly mean it when I say, braving. People get crazy about their coups! Sunday afternoon was filled with episodes of Modern Family and more basketball!

Needless to say, we enjoyed every moment of our relaxing weekend together. Saying goodbye was rough, but now the end is in sight!

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