Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday folks! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was positively wonderful! I'd like to begin by praising God for this beautiful weather! I think the shining sun combined with it being warm enough to give this pasty skin some air, put me in an awesome place. Weekend Recap:

For starters, I had an awesome day at school. The recent months have been stressful to say the least, so to have a relatively uneventful school day was awesome. One of my favorite parts was talking with some of my kids about the tsunami and ways they could give back. Their hearts are truly golden:-) Friday afternoon I poked around my old stomping grounds, Northlake Mall, for a bit before meeting Kelley Belly for supper! I have known Kelley since we were wee children putting gravel in my mom's pocket as our parents discussed the houses they were building across the street from each other. It's been love ever since. She's an amazing woman who I am lucky to have been touched by! After supper I got to drive back through the old 'hood. While there I may or may not have stopped in front of our old house and reminisced on the 17 years we lived there.
Taking care of me on my wedding day.

Right before the ceremony!
Right after the incredible toast she gave!
(PS-I only have recent pictures because all the old ones are prints!)
What could have been a miserable situation was actually quite stellar! I taught Saturday School with a few other fabulous women on Saturday morning. I was so worried all the kids would be in terrible moods and take it out on us, but they were great! They were even kind enough to laugh at my lame jokes and work on the metaphor poems I assigned. Then, I had the true pleasure of eating lunch with a fantastic woman from church. It was nice to have a girl's lunch with such a strong Christian! Excited about all the possibilities to come!

Despite the rough wake-up (daylight savings is always rough), it turned into a great morning. I was able to worship and celebrate with my Hope Church Charlotte family before spending the afternoon enjoying the remarkable weather. Daisy and I ran around and played outside before settling into an afternoon on the porch. Me with school stuff and a sweet tea, her with one of the four thousand twigs she has brought up from the forest. It was also really nice to talk to David whenever I wanted and not worry about work schedules (only two more weeks of the outage!). 
 Resting for a moment after zipping around the field
To sum it up, it was awesome.

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