Saturday, March 12, 2011

We Solved the Mystery!

We solved the mystery!! You may wonder what mystery I am talking about, but I referring to the bread mystery (please refer back to The Wooded Unknown for the history behind this story). Hokay so, Monday evening I was out back tossing the now decapitated monkey to the princess. All of the sudden I hear a screen door open. Next thing I know, it's raining bread!

This kind of loony, but very nice, older lady who lives near us was throwing bread over her balcony. As she's tossing this I'm standing and staring up in complete disbelief. Then, Daisy looks at me and darts all around trying to catch it! As the woman was throwing it she was shouting, "No, Daisy. It's for the birds! It's for the birds!" and I could just read Daisy's mind, "Yea whatever you say crazy lady, I'm here and the birds aren't! This is all mine!!!!"

I spent the next 15 or so minutes chasing after her as she bounced from flying piece to flying piece. All the while slipping and sliding on the grass thanks to the recent storm. Things are certainly never dull in the casa de Mobley!

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