Saturday, November 12, 2011


This morning we rose bright and early and headed out to the Carolina Renaissance Festival. For those of you who have never been to the Renaissance Festival, lucky you, there is one weekend left. It is definitely well-worth the money! I started going with Kelley and Kellie way back when it first began, and when we moved back to this area David and I made it a tradition of our own. How could you pass up the chance to go pig out on ridiculously-priced fair food while crazy people prance around you while speaking in a British accents? The answer is, you can't. A few pictures from our big adventure back in time:

 What? You mean you don't start drinking at 11am?

David wanted to buy this to put out whenever our future daughter's boyfriend comes over.

The new number one item on his Christmas list?

 Foothills Brewery Homebrew Winner-Wife's Wish

 I love this kid.

I told you the people were excited about the Renaissance

The awesome candle maker. His candles last 30 years!

The festival is here for one more weekend, so make the effort if you're in town!

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