Friday, November 11, 2011

Long Weekends

I think we can all agree that long weekends rock. Anyone who wants to argue that one will be hanging out alone for a very long time. It's funny, because to me it's not just having a day off from work, it's also the anticipation of the four-day workweek. The minute the master calendar is sent out, I'm the dork who is filling in her iCal and plotting the rest and relaxation months ahead.

Today is the beginning of a glorious three-day weekend. It started off pretty wonderfully too. I was able to stay up past 8pm last night and spend time with my husband, then not wake up til 6 this morning-score! I probably could have slept until noon had it not been for a certain princess's incessant whining to go out. . .

This morning I will be joining my amazing MIL, AIL (aunt in-law), and a family friend at the Southern Christmas Show. This type-A dork already has her list prepared of what to buy and for whom to buy for. I'm pretty stoked about all the arts and crafts and kitschy junk I don't need but will spend 20 minutes debating over purchasing. Jealous yet? Then, this evening David and I will be hanging out with our stellar Community Group! When I say they are stellar, I mean they are pretty awesome.

Tomorrow morning we will be rising bright and early to head out to the Carolina Renaissance Festival to eat ourselves into oblivion while watching medieval-obsessed commoners make fools of themselves. Jealous yet? The afternoon will then be capped off with more delicious food and football!
All in all it's looking to be a pretty rock star weekend. What's on your agenda?

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