Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mountain Getaway

I mentioned in a post a few months ago how much David and I love a good deal. Well, last Christmas bought a "getaway" from Living Social to the Waynesville Inn Golf Resort & Spa in Waynesville, NC. We were super excited to use it when we got it, then promptly forgot about it until we received an email a month ago reminding us to use it. That email could not have come at a more perfect time. We were both swamped at work this week and a weekend away was exactly what we needed!

We arrived late Friday night and hit The Tap Room Bar & Grill. We were not disappointed. I ordered the rack of ribs and sweet potato fries (no the fries were not carb friendly, but a girl needs a break every now and then!) and David got a massive burger. I'm not exaggerating when I say those ribs may have been the best I have ever had. They were not fatty at all and were perfectly roasted. Nom. We stuck around and watched some football before heading back in time to our room.

Now, the Inn has been around since the 1920's and you can tell, not in a negative way though. Everything is rustically old-fashioned. From the cozy wood-paneled walls in the rooms to the stone walkways throughout. It was neat to snuggle down in the very toasty room as the temps rapidly dropped outside.

One of the most-anticipated parts of the trip was sleeping in, and I failed miserably at this. David rocked it. Me? I was up at six ready and roarin'. I was able to drift in and out of sleep before David finally awoke, but honestly, it was nice to not have to set an alarm. After I coaxed David out of bed we headed to breakfast where David's dreams came true-they had french toast sticks. This boy can put away some french toast sticks, so much so that he requests I not buy them because he will eat so much. We were on vacation though so he ate to his heart's, or tummy's, content.

We then headed to the on-site spa, The Balsam Spa, and we were not disappointed. We originally signed up for a 30-minute massage each, but my sweet husband bumped them both up to an hour. Greatest surprise ever! By the end of the hour neither of us wanted to go anywhere. If they hadn't had other customers waiting, I'm pretty sure David would have handed over the credit card and booked them for the day.

That afternoon we headed to Downtown Waynesville and wandered around. In and out of antique and gift shops, hour after hour, and not one complaint from David. He was a rock star! Then after we had worn out Main Street he suggested we go see the new Twilight movie, "Breaking Dawn-Part1". I've dragged the poor boy to the other three so now he's interested to see how it all ends. I've also been promising him since the first one that "Breaking Dawn" would have the most fighting of them all. He was happy to discover I was not lying. The movie was intense! I'm counting the days until the second part comes out in July.

After our adventure at the smallest movie theater known to man, we headed back to the Inn for supper at The Tap Room and more football. We even got to see the last five minutes of the NC State vs. Clemson game (GO PACK!). It was the perfect end to the perfect weekend away. A few pictures from our adventures:

A very happy boy  with his french toast sticks.

The beautiful view we woke up to.

The Waynesville Inn Golf Resort & Spa

 Downtown Waynesville

 Couldn't resist the photo op in front of the tree!

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