Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beach Blowout

What is about the beach that is so relaxing? Is it the waves crashing? Or the sand between your toes? Or is it the knowledge that you are on vacation and supposed to rest? Whatever it is, I want to bottle it and carry it around with me always. We just returned from our final beach trip of the summer and I am bummed. Don't get me wrong, it was an incredible trip. I'm just bummed that it's over!

We arrived at David's Aunt Debbie's house on a Thursday evening and headed back nine days later. Talk about a week and a half of bliss. In that time we hit the beach many times, I got my very first facial (and a follow-up!), hit the outlets a couple times (and scored some stellar deals!), ate at multiple different restaurants specializing in yum, introduced the princess to the sand and saltwater, and visited with family. Needless to say, bidding this vacation goodbye was difficult. Here are a few pictures giving you a glimpse of our bliss:

So peaceful.

Working on those Crossfit handstand push-ups.

Game night!

First trip to the beach for the cousins.

My fabulous find of the day-$40 Michael Kohrs wedges!

Catch of the day.

Following a yummy seafood supper.


Can I go back??