Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Guest Post-La Vita e Bella

Today's guest post is coming to you from one fabulous lady! She's a fellow teacher with a passion for life. Be sure to stop by and share the love with Adrienne:-)

Manners Matter

Hi! I am Adrienne from La Vita รจ Bella , where I blog about all things beautiful in life with a witty point ofview. Please pop over for a visit, I would love to see you. Thank you so much to Lauren for allowing me to take over her blog today.

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” 
~Emily Post

Like many of us, I was raised by a mother who insisted on teaching me proper manners even at a young age. She purposely took me to wedding and baby showers and out to lunch with on occasion so I could practice. These lessons have stuck with me and I continue to try to be better mannered as I move through my 30s.

Of course, we all should know to hold the door open for one another, greet each other, shake hands
properly, write thank you notes, serve your guests first, etc. However, how should we conduct
ourselves in this ever changing social media climate? If you are a blogger, you probably use one or more of the following social networks to amplify your message or post; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. But did you know that there are some guidelines you should keep in mind when conducting your conversations via these networks? That your conduct and manners are equally if not more important in your conversations on the internet?

It’s true and makes sense. If you want your readers to be engaged and stay that way and if you want to attract new traffic and sponsorships, you must be mindful of your online actions.

As a teacher, I have to be mindful and our principal said something very important about social
networking activity this year, “If you wouldn’t post it on a school bulletin board then don’t post it
online.” As a blogger, I have to be just as mindful about my actions. I want my readers to come back
and know that the person behind my blog acts with class and integrity on and off line. My partnerships with affiliate companies and other sponsors are very important as well. Who wants someone promoting their product or service who doesn’t conduct themselves in professional manner? Trust me; no one wants to be attached to that.

If you take away anything from this post, it should be think before you post a blog, status update, tweet etc. For more information on Social Networking manners, go to the Emily Post Website. They have this and many great articles on manners for any occasion.

Many thanks to Adrienne for her stellar tips on manners in this every-changing world!

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  1. What a wonderful post! :) I've read lots of different "articles" or posts on blogging etiquette, but I've never heard anyone mention manners. She's absolutely right, it's SO important. And kudos to her mom for teaching her manners at a young age! =) My mom did the same, and I find myself wishing my MIL had done that with her son, too. Haha!