Monday, July 9, 2012

Week in Pictures

Good morning and Happy Monday, kiddos! Today's post is a bit of a photodump. I was going through my phone and I realized the crazy amount of pictures I've taken with the intention of sharing, except I've kind of blown it on the sharing part. Without further adieu, here they are:

Fourth of July was spent eating and celebrating with David's family on Lake Wylie!

The princess also had an opportunity to go swimming!

Meet Frankenfoot! The stitches came out but I'm still hobbling. Only a few more weeks!

I somehow conned my sweet husband into visiting here on his day off. Love me some IKEA!

Daisy got cozy on my brother's lap on the way to Winston Salem.

 I ate my weight in ribs in Winston Salem. Mm mm mm!
Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. You hobbled around Ikea on your foot?! I can't wait to go to Ikea once we get our new house... they have a dresser I've had my eye on! Did you get any goodies?

  2. just found your blog and wanted to say hello! :) love all of your pics! sorry about your foot, that looks painful :( please come check out my blog some time!!

  3. Ouch! That doesn't look fun at all...those ribs though, those look awesome.

  4. Oh Daisy ... you are still a lap dog?! love it!