Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buying Local!

We love to buy local whenever we can. It started with visiting local restaurants and the farmer’s market and expanded to our CSA experience at Barbee Farms and local brews.

    Why is it important to us? There are lots of different reasons, one of which is that we like to support the business that keep our community unique. We chose to live where we do after a lot of thought. We want to keep it as special as it was the day we moved into our home!

Small Business Builders
    We’ve both worked for small businesses before and we know the effort that goes into keeping them afloat. Without the public’s support they wouldn’t exist! They work their tails off for not much reward.  Oftentimes you also get better service when you’re dealing one-on-one with the owner and not just an hourly manager who clocks out at 5.

    Local food is also typically safer than that which has been imported in. You know where it’s coming from and if there is ever an issue you can go directly to the source. Win-win situation!

Community Support
    Have you ever thought about where the money from a local business goes? It stays in the community! Where do you think it goes when you buy from the big box chains? Far, far and away is where.

I found this awesome image that describes it all WAY better than I can:

What are your thoughts on buying local?


  1. i did my entire senior project in college on buying local! Did you know the average piece of food travels over 1700 miles!! Ahhh crazy! Love that is almost farmers market season!! So glad you are on the local train! xo

  2. I love this! Great points. I'm doing a project in my photography class that's going to focus on local food/restaurants and what makes them unique... this post is a perfect way to learn a little bit more about that!