Monday, April 29, 2013

(Very Delayed) Weekend Adventures

Two weeks ago we headed to Georgia to visit our sweet friends. We had a blast visiting and exploring the hip city of Augusta!

The visit kicked off with two very spoiled puppies enjoying treats from Scott. 

Then we headed over to the Carolina Ale House (where Tiffany works) to visit. I tried a new peach beer that was delish! 

The next morning required caffeine and grease from the Awful Waffle. 

David had to have an actual waffle at the Awful Waffle. 

After an adventure at Petsmart we headed downtown for lunch with their new pup, Piper! 

Lunch in Downtown Augusta. 

Daisy loved being invited to lunch. 

A walk along the river. 

We even took in an Augusta Greenjackets (get it, like the green jackets from the Masters? te he he) baseball game. 

The Greenjackets lost, but at least it was to our local team-the Kannapolis Intimidators!

As you can probably tell from the gajillion pictures, it was a great weekend we hope to relive again soon! Big thanks to Scott and Tiffany for the fabulous hospitality!

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