Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break-Day 5 (Nassau!)

I woke up super early Wednesday morning with the excitement of a little kid-we were in Nassau! Today was the day we got to swim with dolphins! Trying to contain my excitement was nearly impossible, so I woke up David and we got moving. In my extreme excitement I insisted we get off the boat an hour early. You know,  just in case. Well, rest assured we were there in plenty of time, so we occupied ourselves taking pictures.


After waiting in line and taking a quick ride from the boat to Atlantis (where we would be doing the actual swimming) we arrived:

Not too shabby, huh?

Our "visit" with the dolphins didn't start until 12:10, so with a few hours to burn we explored! We saw all sorts of fishies and sea creatures all around. We also hopped in the gorgeous clear-blue water  for a bit.

Please forgive the horrible quality of the following pictures, but they wouldn't let us bring our cameras with us. I guess that was their way of getting us to buy the photo package, which we totally did. The following images are pictures of pictures. Ghetto-fab, I know. . .

I loved every second of it, but David was not so into it. He was scared that any second Noah (the dolphin) would suddenly lose his mind and attack. We live to tell the tales, so he didn't. It was so neat getting up close and personal with them!

 Since it was Steve's birthday our waiters brought his dessert with a candle and had the dining room singing!

There was also a singalong from the dining room staff. Andrew (left) and Boris (right) got a little too into "Apple Bottom Jeans"!

 We must have been blessed by the cruise gods because Steve was chosen to participate as the team captain for the Scavenger Hunt at that evening's show. The premise was that the host would ask for semi-ridiculous items and someone in the room had to have them (you could not leave the room to find it). The team that had the most items won. It was so much fun scrambling around for some pretty random items in our purses and pockets. 

The game got even better when they requested one member of the audience be wrapped in toilet paper, as if in a wedding dress. David was our guinea pig:

The final way to earn points was to dress your team captain like a woman. Steve rocked it!

 What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a Carnival Cruise victory??

Come back tomorrow for Day 6 in Freeport!


  1. I bet you had fun with the dolphins!!! That is really neat!

  2. Oh man, this looks like such a fun day! I swam with dolphins while in Orlando one time and it was an awesome, once in a life time experience!