Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend started pretty low-key with a date night out. The weather was gorgeous so we skedaddled over to an outdoor mall (picture a mini-Charleston) for supper and to walk around. We decided on Baja Soul Taqueria for their delicious, fresh Mexican.

The perfect way to kick off the meal.

Gigantor burrito and street corn.

My handsome hubby.

 Delicious salad with all fresh ingredients!

Saturday morning had us at Lowe's bright and early for planting supplies. 

According to my father these puppies are hard to kill and very low-maintenance. My kind of plant!

Poor Suzy was loaded down!

David spent the day doing outside work (which he did a FABULOUS job at!) while I Spring cleaned the inside and ran errands. A pretty boring day, right? Wrong! That afternoon things got interesting. . .
We were both minding our own business, me looking for a recipe for homemade pokey ticks and David chatting with our neighbors, when out of nowhere a dog comes and attacks our poor Daisy! This dog was tied to a tree (they live next door to us) and had pulled itself loose. She had raced from behind our houses and straight to the front towards our sweet girl! One minute I was sitting on the ottoman looking up recipes, the next thing I know I see something small and white whip past the window and then these two dogs come barreling at me. 

One thing you have to know about Daisy is that she is very timid of other dogs. Even if she is the bigger of the two she will cower down. She has never been aggressive towards another dog, or a human. David worked very hard to train her that way. So, when a dog comes on too fast Daisy just runs. Sometimes it can be annoying, but for the most part I am thankful that she doesn't stir things up. When this dog came racing to her she ran to me for protection. I knew better than to put my hand down in the middle, but was freaking out at what to do. The door was open since David had just stepped outside and he came racing in as he heard me scream hysterically. He was able to get the rat dog off of Daisy was she cowered against the wall. He stepped on the leash and picked up the little terror by the rope. Keep in mind the dog was still yapping and trying to attack. He took it over and gave it back to the son there.

Here's the kicker, this is not the first time this dog has attacked. It attacked Daisy last Spring, but the mother was out and quickly got it under control. Then, last summer it attacked a child! The little boy had only gone over to see if their younger son could play and when they opened the door the dog attacked the kid. It was so bad it broke the skin and they had to take him to the ER. You may be asking, "why the heck is this dog still around??", so are we!

In the end Daisy is fine; no skin was broken. I called animal control, but never heard back or saw a car. I plan on calling again to follow-up. Our neighborhood is FULL of kids of all ages and I hate to imagine what would happen if that terror got loose and no one was around to get it off the kid. 

Any suggestions on taking care of this??


  1. Oh gosh! I am so afraid of other dogs/bad dog owners around where I live. My dog doesn't really like other dogs, but he leaves them alone unless the crazy ones get near him. He gives a warning bark, but the next step is a warning "snap." (he loves kids/babies, just not dogs.)

  2. Hi Lauren!! I wondered if animal control followed up. I would call again if I were you. The sheriff did come and out and saw me outside and asked if I had seen a dog running loose. I said that the dog that attacked Daisy was back in their house, and he asked if it was a brown dog or a boxer, and I told him it was a white jack russell. (I may have just said terrier.) And then he drove not sure what is next!
    Oh, this is allison by the way. I'm not really "Anonymous..." :-)