Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Break-Day 6

After a few days off I am back with the final few days of our vacay!

We woke up Thursday morning to unfortunate news. Due to the wind and rough waters our kayak and snorkeling adventure was cancelled. I was upset until I made the quick decision to book an excursion out to a beach resort. It included a 30 minute tour around Freeport followed by a few hours on the beach and lunch at the resort. 

The tour was excellent, made so by our super personable bus driver. The resort itself was nothing like Atlantis had been, but was still better than being stuck on the ship! We settled into some chairs hoping the wind was kept at bay and the sun popped out. Things eventually started going our way, but not before Mr. Mobley had us do a quick workout on the beach! We probably looked ridiculous to all the beach loungers, but our booties had been stationary for too long and we needed to get moving!

Afterwards we settled in for a bit. I got out my book and did some hardcore reading while David explored all the resort had to offer. 

Bahamian beer anyone?

We then headed back to the ship and market area where we met Caroline and Steve for a quick trip to Senor Frog's!
David with the obligatory "yardstick".

Head back over tomorrow for the final details of our trip!

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