Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Terrible Timing

Mother Nature has the worst timing. Does anyone else agree with me here? Periods during beach trips. Sinus infections before spring break. Strep throat during Christmas break. Well, she has reared her ugly head again-this time plaguing me during the last week of school. Evidence for my case against Mother Nature (hereby known as M.N.) this school year alone:

Exhibit A: The very first time the hubs went away for a trip to Alabama, I get sick. He wasn't gone 24 hours before I started feeling icky. Heavy meds were prescribed and I only ended up missing one day of school.

Exhibit B: M.N. struck again during the month-long outage. Talk about miserable timing. At least the first time he was only gone for a few days, this happened smack dab in the middle of the outage when there was no way in hell he could come home. This time I juiced up with some Russian Tea (recipe to come!) and was back to battling 8th graders the next day.

Exhibit C: That tramp hit me good this time. Not only is David gone again (I mean really?! What's the fun in getting sick if there is no one there to take care of you?!?), but it's also the last week of school. I was bound and determined not to let her knock me out. I'll give you one guess who won this one. Here's a hint, I'm snuggled up in bed surrounded by used tissues. I tried to tough it out, but I think by doing so I only made it worse. Joy. I won't go into the yucky details, but let's just say I didn't know snot could turn that shade of green.

I think we can all agree that M.N. is pure evil and should be stopped before she does much more damage to my immune system. I trust that the jury will make the best decision for all, until then you can find me downing shots of Robitussin and lathering on the Vick's Vapo Rub. 

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