Thursday, June 30, 2011

2 dogs + 1 tiny apartment = chaos

We are blessed enough to have family who live close by and are willing to help us out with our little lady. Whether it's letting her out during a long work day or keeping her for a week so we can catch up on some R&R, they got our backs. In fact, just last week my family took her for a week so we could go to Asheville for our anniversary trip and David's family took her in April so we could go to the beach during my spring break. Seriously, these people are full of awesomeness.

When Mama Mobs called earlier this week to see if we could keep their dog and Daisy's BFF, Hank, for a couple days I quickly agreed. Hold the phone, you're probably thinking, "don't you live in an apartment?" Why, yes we do. Last time I traveled down the adventuresome road of puppy sitting things went well (minus the noise complaint from all the barking, but that's another story for another day). Jeter was also about half the size of Hank, and Daisy wasn't as concerned with playing attack.

Flash forward to this week when Hank arrived. To give you an image of Hank, he is a 75 lb. Lab/Pitt mix. All 75 of those pounds are love that's for sure, but Hank the Tank (or Hankapotamus as I like to call him) is one who doesn't realize his own strength. Last night I took them out back at 10:30pm when they still weren't tired enough to sleep and I was almost catapulted into the woods when they ran into me as they played. After about 30 minutes of this they finally pooped themselves out enough where I could drag them inside for bed. All that energy rebounded and at 6:15 this morning they were jazzed and ready for me to wake up.  Keep in mind we were outside until 11 last night playing.

For those of you not in the great North state, it gets hot here. Very quickly and very early. By 7am they'd decided it was too warm for their spoiled behinds and crawled up the stairs into the apartment. They then proceeded to drink about a gallon of water each (the jury is still out on how much was actually consumed and how much was sloshed across my kitchen floor) before regaining their energy and pummeling each other. My poor neighbors. It's a good thing we're moving soon or we'd be kicked out from all the thumping. After trying to take them out again, they flat out refused to play. They just sat there and looked at me. The heat must be too much for their furry little tushes. You better believe the minute we got back inside the pummeling commenced.

They both really are great dogs and play so well together, but this itty bitty apartment and over a hundred pounds of dog just do not mix well. At all. The moral of this story? Lauren will not be pet sitting in the apartment again. Ever. When we get a house the doors will be wide open for puppy guests, but in the apartment? Nope. Not happening.

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