Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

In honor of America's birthday we headed to Raleighwood to visit with friends. We've spent every 4th in Raleigh for the past 4 years (minus last year because of that whole we went on a honeymoon thing) and our great capital has yet to fail us! Our weekend was mainly spent doing what we do best: eating, drinking, and getting our sun tan on.

 A boy and his dog.
 You can't really tell here but she was doing a Butterfly-esque stroke.
 Kelsey and Casey-so glad we got to visit with y'all!
 Our one picture from the weekend.
 Supersmash Brothers dominates their lives.
 Steve and Baily at Boylan Bridge Brewpup!
 My little is almost all grown up-good luck on your interview!!
Our hosts for the weekend!
I miss this beautiful city.

After all the weekend's activities we were too pooped to poop (name that movie quote!) and ended up in bed very early last night. I don't hate it :-)

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