Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I love a good pair of shoes, I mean, what girl doesn't?? I love a good pair of shoes so much that I have quite a few pairs of good shoes. I'm sure my husband wishes I didn't have as many good pairs of shoes.

 Door rack. Stellar invention.

I've always been a shoe girl. At one point in high school I had over 40 pairs. To the math-minded person out there who is quickly calculating how much this could possibly cost, rest assured that not a single pair was bought at full price! As much as I love good shoes, I love a good bargain even more. What typically happens is I find a pair of shoes I really like and wait until they go on sale to buy them. What's the point in paying full price if in a few weeks it'll be on clearance? And if they don't have your size the chance of finding them on eBay is pretty high.

Yesterday, I posted about my new found love of running, but something I failed to mention in that post was the shoes I run with. I've tried many different running/exercise shoes and I figured out pretty darn quickly that the wrong shoes can make for a very painful workout. I tried just about every brand from cheap to superbly over-the-top expensive and my favorites by far are Reebok Runtones. I know how silly they look with their little padded bottoms, but they've outlasted all the others by months AND keep me going on a good run. I could truly care less about their "shaping techniques". They could fly me to the moon and I wouldn't care as long as got me through my runs. There's something to be said for that!

Of course they're pink. Would you expect anything else?

I spend about 95% of my day on me feet (the other 5%? That's the few precious minutes at lunch that my poor little feet get some rest!) so good shoes are a must. Some of my favorite "school shoes" are Sanita Clogs. They may not be the most beautiful things in the world, but they are about the only shoes that I can wear and not end the day in pain. I currently have three pairs of these clunkers and couldn't be happier!

Another type of shoes I have multiples of are Jack Rogers. I positively adore these precious sandals! As much as I'm into comfort in shoes, I must warn any newbies to break them in! I made the rookie of wearing mine around State's campus right after I got them and I had two heel-sized blisters for a week. They are fabulous, but do require some wearing in. The price tag can be a shocker, but my dear friend eBay has always been there for me. I've never paid full price for a pair! They look great with sundresses or shorts and a tee. Any way you wear them is going to look fab.

And finally, who could forget the timeless Rainbows? As soon as I discovered these I began building my collection. These are some of the most comfortable, durable shoes I've ever owned. I love cracking them out as soon as the weather turns warm enough to not get funny looks!

Bag of sandals (too small for door rack) with well-loved Jack Rogers on top!

As you can see shoes are kinda my thang. Though, I am proud to say it's been a while since I've bought any new pairs. I guess once you've found some good ones you really don't need much else!

I'd love to hear all about your collections!

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