Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Alright By Me

Yeah, I got all I need
And that's alright by me.
-Darius Rucker

One of the most amazing things about summer is just being. Whether you're inside reaping in the benefits of the AC, or you're outside swaddled in heat-it's a wonderful time. In a recent post I briefly mentioned our hectic summer weekends and how nice it would be to just be at home. Well, this weekend we got to be! We had no solid plans going into Friday, and even though it stressed this type-A chick out, we threw caution to the wind and went with the flow.

Friday morning I woke up early and hung out with some awesome kiddos. Their sweet momma needed some time to get work done and I needed some little kid fun. It made for a stellar morning! Davido had Friday off of work so we spend the afternoon bumming around the apartment (him playing some pretty intense NCAA + me taking a pretty intense nap = win) and made plans to see some wonderful friends of ours. To quickly catch you up to speed, Scott and David work together and have both been doing the Alabama thang. Tiffany and I met when she and Scott started dating, but I'm convinced we were meant to be friends. And now they're engaged, hooray! Such an amazing gal with a faithful heart for Him! Anywho, so we met them for drinks and food at a pub downtown.

 I have no clue how I landed such a stud!
The ridiculous head tilt I can't seem to quit.

After all that fun on Friday (or maybe it was all the Blue Moons I drank. . .) I found myself waking up a smidgen after 10, whoops! Luckily our plans for the day included nothingness so I didn't feel too guilty, and it didn't hurt that I woke up to a fresh bacon egg and cheese sandwich (nom nom nom). 

After a few hours of me perusing random websites and David kicking some Maryland booty on NCAA we decided to make ourselves useful and ran a few errands. We had no where in particular to go other than Goodwill, but any good girl knows if you have no where to go you to Target! Love me some Tar-jay. My trip to Mecca was interrupted by a street sale at Ashley Furniture. Apparently once a year they take all their floor models and damaged sets and sell them at ridiculous prices. You want a legit leather sectional for $300? Take it. Dining room table and four chairs for $40? All yours. Since we don't really have any place for furniture we decided to people-watch for a good hour or so. It is quite hilarious to see people wait for a new truck and start calling dibs as soon as it opens. Never seen it? Pencil it in. 

After our extreme people watching we joined the rankings of a gajillion other Americans and saw the final installment of the Harry Potter series. Despite being the avid reader that I am, I never read beyond the 4th book in the series. I think I outgrew Harry faster than J.K. Rowling could write. Whenever I tell people this, they drop their chins in shock. Contrary to popular belief, not every person in the world is obsessed with Harry. Regardless my hubs wanted to see it so we saw it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually liked it. And I am proud to report that I only asked about twenty questions versus the hundreds I was expecting I would have.

David rocking the awesome Harry Potter 3-D glasses!

Saturday evening we hung out with our Community Group from church. We have found an incredible group of other young couples to connect with. We are SO blessed! Hillary and Darren have been kind enough to open their home to our group as a weekly meeting place and are continually inviting us over to hang out. This past week we lit up their fire pit and roasted s'mores-score! After many tests and trials the hubs and I have decided that s'mores are some of the greatest desserts every made. Hands down in our top 5 of sweet treats. This saying a lot because us Mobleys don't mess when it comes to food. We enjoyed delicious treats and great conversation with some stellar peeps Saturday night.

Sunday morning we were fortunate enough to serve at Hope with another great group of people. The initial wake-up required for setting up is rough, but once you get rolling it's totally worth it. After church we took advantage of the gorgeous 80 degree weather and hit up the local greenway trail before more lounging around (I sense a common theme of the weekend. . .). It was awesome. The day ended with a delicious supper of homemade chicken parmesan, noodles, garlic bread, and a fresh spinach salad. 

As you have probably figured out, it was a marvelous weekend! Though our next restful weekend will likely come in September, I'm already looking forward to it!

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