Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Boys Make Noise

That is a sign hanging in the room of a set of twins I just started nannying for and it couldn't be any more true! I started working as an interim nanny for a family in a nearby neighborhood and I am so grateful for the opportunity. These boys are three of the sweetest, silliest, funniest little ones I have ever been blessed enough to spend time with. Coming from a big family I have always been the babysitter. You could say I was raised to be around kiddos. Perhaps that's why I'm one of the crazy few to become a teacher, hmmmm.

I started babysitting for a family when I was only eleven years old, and was with them as an evening sitter and summertime nanny for almost seven years. From then on I booked my Friday and Saturday evenings with various jobs. It got to the point that I had to recruit some siblings to help me keep up. I have always loved kids of all ages. I would never want to teach younger than middle school because though everyone thinks middle schoolers are crazy, they've got nothin' on the elementary kids. There is something to be said for snuggling up with a little one and reading them a story, but I'll stick to my lessons filled with jokes and pop culture allusions. It hasn't always been stories and snuggles though (a crying baby in a throw-up covered crib comes to mind. . .), but the fun outweighs any bad that could ever pop up.

In all the families that I have ever been with I have never been a nanny for a family with all boys. Let me tell you boys, boys are their own characters. Girls are much more content to color and play with their dolls, while boys on the other hand are all about dirt and digging. At least these boys are. The boys I'm with for the next few weeks are definitely going to keep me on my toes with their energy and excitement, and I'm glad for that. Too much resting this summer and I'd forget how to always be on the go! If anyone has any fun activities for little boys, I'm all ears:-)

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