Friday, January 6, 2012

Chasing Dreams

My sweet momma brought me back a page-a-day daily devotional in the midst of the great kidney revolt. If I remember correctly, it was another one of her great Cracker Barrel finds (we're big on the Cracker Barrel in our family). And it truly is great! Every morning before breakfast I flip the page and ponder it while I eat my eggs. Some mornings it's a Bible verse, other mornings it is a comment. The comments vary from advice to questions. Today's comment really got me:

Go after your dreams-God created you to live them!

As I sat there munching on my eggs (side note: there is something truly awesome about starting the day with scrambled eggs), I pondered this. What dreams do I have? Have I shared those dreams with David? Am I living a life that coincides with those dreams and God's will for me? Why not?  Needless to say the questions started pouring in a lot faster than the answers. 

I've always been good at reaching goals (helloooooo quintessential Type-A, oldest child personality), but not so good at setting them. A lot of it is the fear of failure. I was always so set on doing well that I didn't want to give myself the chance to fail. David and I had a conversation the other day about someone we know who has never challenged themselves, and so by default has always been the top dog. Well, what happens when that person is placed in a situation where they are no longer the top dog? How will they succeed if all they know if being the big fish in a little pond? I don't want to succeed just in my little pond, I want to succeed in the ocean

Today I decided I wanted to start setting goals that aligned with my dreams. I'm going to set goals that challenge me to grow in my faith, marriage, workplace-everywhere! Updates to come soon, but until then. . .

What kinds of goals/dreams do you have? Are you really living them out? I'd love to know!

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