Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Blogiversary!

Happy Blogiversary! I am happy to announce that I have officially been blogging for one year. It still  amazes that people are actually interested in reading anything I have to say!

I started this blog as an outlet to chronicle my adventures in my first year of teaching, our first year of marriage, David's work adventures in Alabama, the extreme spoiling of our pup, and anything else that crossed our newlywed path. I am to report that I am now in my second year of teaching, we are now happily progressing toward our second year of marriage, and he's home from Alabama! Oh, and the dog is still the princess :-)

It has been such a joyous experience keeping track of our adventures this way. I love looking back at where we were, and seeing how far we have come. Here are a few stats from the past year:

Posts: 222
Followers: 50 (HOORAY!)
Most popular posts:
  1.  There Has Been A Revolt
  2. A Diagnosis!
  3. Our House. . .
Top Referring Sites:
  1. Striving To Love
  2. The Christian Wife Life
  3. Adventures of the Southern Wife
Goals for the next year:
  1. Keep up with my regular postings.
  2. Host my very first giveaway!
  3. Set up (and keep updated) new tabs.

Many thanks to y'all for continuing to put up with my random ramblings! Looking forward to more!


  1. Yay Lauren!
    So glad people have found your amazing blog

  2. Yay for a year! Glad I found your reading blogs of fellow teachers!

  3. Blogging is definitely a great way to keep track of life when life gets really busy! I'm so glad that I started blogging so that when I start teaching, wedding planning, and living a grown up life I will have an outlet and way to document important (and everyday) things! Congrats on a year!

  4. Congrats on 1 year of blogging!! :) I'm just getting into the hang of and it and love finding fun blogs (like yours!) to read along with and to be inspired!

  5. Happy Blogiversary giiirl! :) Love it!

    much love,