Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Break in Pictures

I mentioned yesterday how cuckoo things were at the tail-end of break, but I didn't have the opportunity to share any pictures. I was so busy having fun that I don't have as many to share as I would have liked, but a few are better than none at all!

David's brother, John, with his prized hat!

If you can't see, it's a M&M's Star Wars dispenser. All of his childhood dreams just came true.

Of all the items the biggest attraction were the toy helicopters! 

Moving onto the Ward house. . .

Coffee from the Secret Santa? Score!

The new script c-d! He was such a happy boy!

Abby admitting to deceiving us all in the Secret Santa game.

Christmas Eve game night!

Daddy having oh so much fun playing Who Knew?

Merry Christmas from two Chi Omegas! Love our matching hats!

Our second Christmas morning together!

My precious new boots!

Poor thing was very overwhelmed by all the activity!


Such a pretty sister! 

Abby and Oma!

"What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

I promise this will be the last Christmas post, but I couldn't resist sharing!