Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Break By The Numbers

While I was away a lot of things happened. . .
  • Number of books read: 4
  • Number of sweet treats consumed: too many to count...
  • Number of naps taken: an average of one a day
  • Number of peppermint mocha lattes consumed: 6 
  • Number of cups of tea consumed: over 30
  • Number of iPad apps acquired: 24
  • Number of mucinex pills taken: 8 (it wouldn't be a break without getting sick!)
  • Number of miles traveled: let's just go ahead and say A LOT
  • Number of sudoku games played: close to 30
  • Number of guest posts here: 5 
  • Number of clearance items bought with Christmas money: 6 (including super nice running shoes for $20 each!)
All of this added together equals one heck of a break!

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