Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas in Davidson

I've mentioned it countless times, and I'll say it again-I love anything celebrating the holidays!! So when I saw that there was going to be a Christmas festival of sorts in a neighboring town I jumped at the chance to soak it all in. What made it even better was I used to go to this very same festival when I was a wee one growing up in the same area. Throw-back to my childhood AND rocking Christmas? I think yes! And what could make it better? The fact that the princess could join us!

When we got to downtown Davidson we made the decision to just wander around and see where the night took us. First stop? The live nativity scene! We watched the reenactment for a few minutes before we noticed the petting zoo. We meandered over (more like Daisy dragged poor David and I followed at a brisk walk-you can only run so fast in boots!) and met up with the locals. By locals I mean sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, ponies, and camel. Yep, that's right, camel. Just chillin' in downtown.

It only took a few minutes of that before Daisy had decided she'd had enough. We then headed to the square to take in the vendors. A few free samples of hot chocolate later and we were happy campers. At least I was. I think it was about this point David decided to pick up the dog and carry her through the square. Too much stimulation for our ADD pup.

We then headed over to a local favorite, The Soda Shop, for a red velvet milkshake. Nom. Seriously one of the most delicious things I've ever had. While we were enjoying our milkshake and taking in some hardcore people-watching, a random old lady came up and began telling me her life story. This is not unusual for me. I must have one of those "tell me everything on your mind" faces because this happens quite often. It was when she put her hand up to my face to push my hair away that I gave David the signal. We were off!

The minute we hit the car poor Daisy conked out. I'd say it was a success! A few pictures from our big night out on the town:

Hanging out with Mama Sheep

 Apparently the pony wasn't charmed by Daisy's cuteness.

Live Nativity

 Blurry picture of downtown Davidson.

Poor gal couldn't handle all the people so David had to pick her up.

I'm pretty sure this was about the time she gave us the, "take me home NOW" look

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