Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Short Hair, Don't Care

Well the straight-hair girls, they all want curls
And the brunettes wanna be blonde
It's your typical thing, you've got yin, you want yang
It just goes on and on
-Sara Evans

When it comes to hairstyles, I can never seem to make up my mind. I am the worst when it comes to what I want to do. The funny thing is, you could never tell I'm so wishy-washy. In fact, 99% of the time my hair looks the same! I just dream of doing other things.The most common dilemma? Long or short. Long hair is definitely in right now. Every starlet from T. Swift to Lauren Conrad is rocking the wavy long hair these days. Then again a few braver souls, such as Dianna Agron, have ventured out and chopped their locks. 

I go through phases with what I like. One month I'll make David promise not to let me go to the salon. The next month I'm begging to fit it into the budget. I can never make up my mind! It really comes down to when I see people with cute hair. If I see someone with a really sharp short 'do, I'm ready and roarin' to go. Then the next minute I see someone with beautiful, wavy locks and I'm rubbing my head to try and make it grow faster. Exhausted trying to keep up? Me too.

About a week ago I got tired of doing the dance and hit the salon. I tried a fabulous new place near me and couldn't be happier with the end result! I went in with a loose idea and my stylist, Karen, took it to the next level. I am so pleased with it! 

Picture from later that night

Have I second guessed it yet? Nope! Will I eventually? Probably. I'm not worried though. I love what she did and I think I'm going to stick at this length for a while. What do y'all think??


  1. Your hair looks so cute! I am the exact same way as you are! For the first three years of college I was growing my hair out long and then I had the urge to go with the "teacher cut" as I call it.. aka short hair. So I cut my hair short and loved it for about a month until it grew out a little and looked different. Currently, I'm in the growing out stage and we both know what comes next. I'll get a teaching job and opt for another teacher cut. Yours looks cute!!

  2. I really like it! I cut almost 12 inches off my hair last march on a whim, went to a new stylist like you and everything! BEST decision! I am growing mine out to be a little long so I can put it in a pony tail... but short hair is SO easy :)

  3. Love it! Great for your face shape and such a classy looking cut. I think it was a good choice. :)

    Much love,

  4. I am sooo the same way with my hair!! I am way too wishy washy, ha! Love it! Super cute!