Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Movie Madness

Aside from a teacher workday on Monday, I am officially on Christmas break-WAHOOOO! Can you tell I'm excited?? I mean, I love my students (I really do!), but it is so nice to have the next two weeks off to spend time with my sweet husband and our families. That's right I said families. We are fortunate enough to get to see both sides of our families over break!

The first few days of break will find us relaxing around the house. I have grand plans of sleeping, baking, and catching up on Christmas movies. I don't hate it. The movies on the list?

A new classic and must-see in the Mobley house!

I love all three of these movies and make sure to have a marathon session every year!
 A classic! It has to be the cartoon though.

Not quite sure what sweet treats will be concocted yet, but if they're a success I'm sure they'll find their way here! How are YOU planning on relaxing during this time??

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