Monday, December 12, 2011

Merry Christmas From The Merry Mobleys!

Remember when you were young and you used to race to the mailbox around your birthday to see if anyone sent you anything? Every time your mom said you had a piece of mail you couldn't help but be curious as to who cared enough about you to send you something. It was like Christmas in your mailbox! Well that excitement never left me. I still race David to the mailbox in the afternoon to see what sort of goodies our mail lady brought us that day. Maybe it's the fact that all of our bills are paperless, so only "happy" things come in the mailbox. Who cares; I still love it! That transfers to this season and the continually arriving Christmas cards and makes for a very merry Mrs. Mobley!

Not only do I love receiving Christmas cards and reading each and every personal Christmas letter, but I really enjoy sending them as well. When we were at my parents' house at Thanksgiving we had my mom take a few shots of us with the princess. Sorry to disappoint, but they are not the elf pictures. I'm thinking my sweet husband would not enjoy me mortifying him any more than I already have!

I went ahead and ordered them from Snapfish on Thanksgiving Day and impatiently waited for them to arrive. The wait was worth it-they turned out great! I was so pleased with the quality of the card and the font. I will definitely be ordering cards from them again. Without further adieu. . .

Merry Christmas from the Mobleys!

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