Friday, December 2, 2011

Mix It Up

Ever need to just mix it up? Get a change of pace? Alternate the routine a bit? Well, I was in desperate need of it after a particularly challenging afternoon. I just needed to do something different to help me forget. The answer? An evening out! This was no fancy-pants night-I still had a bedtime to adhere to after all-but it was something different. I bet you're just dying to know how we spent our night. You are, aren't you? Alright, alright, here goes. . .

We began the evening by attempting to teach the princess to walk on the treadmill.

The key word is attempt in this scenario.

Then we ventured over to David's Aunt Lisa's for more FREE and FABULOUS Christmas decorations! 
(Pictures to come when they are around the house)

  Finally, we popped over to my new obsession, Sweet Frog, for some fantastic fro-yo.

 Isn't he such a cutie??

I told you it was fantastic.

No, this was not an extraordinary night, but it was just what this lady needed. What do YOU do to mix it up??

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